General management is responsible for

  •  Management and administration granted. – send document to – both inside and outside the department.
  • Finance and procurement withdrawal.- pay office supplies procurement hire a contractor to repair various articles.
  • Coordinated network of education centers outside The University first.
  • System releases and strengthen their understanding of academic and registrar of The University.
  • The student services available to help students in the process. Contact work with various work groups.

Curriculum development and teaching duties

  • Coordinate cooperation with faculties. And external organizations to develop curriculum.
  • Monitoring regulations, of Course. And quality control program to ensure compliance with standards.
  • To approve the curriculum and course.
  • Develop a model system for teaching
  • Outreach program

Job promotion and education services

  • Coordinate the timetable and schedule (of branches) in coordination with the board of education through the post. Job schedule, exam schedule registration coordinator the dean of each faculty as well as the Appointment of a committee to coordinate the timetable table.
  • Preparation of information dissemination. In the form of circular documents notes or website.
  • Coordination and technical information.
  • Collected courses are taught in each faculty.(with study plans in each subject area as data.
  • Development model and management system for teaching

Promoting research papers and textbooks

  • Textbook teaching.
  • Development of media teaching.
  • Development of effective teaching. Classroom research research for educational quality development.

Registration and statistics students

  • Admission new students, coordinated with office of the higher education commission and coordinate with the various campus about the Recruitment of new students in the next academic year.
  • The data records into the database of students.
  • Database, and enroll. To report student data to office of higher education comission.
  • Prepare students for the statistics agency, such as the number of new students. The current number of students, number of graduates conditions of employment.

Processing and record

  • To processing studies. Save the data in the student database to report the study results. Follow-up to the scale of incomplete grade (I)  summary of status, results of student status document study each semester, parents.
  • Certificates and transcripts education to students, both current and alumni.
  • Check qualification graduated alumni to the agency. external both public and private sector.
  • Registration graduates and graduation ceremony. Publish a diploma send documents related to the graduation ceremony. Schedule graduate seating chart make an honorary medal for graduates.

Coorperative education

  • Coordinating with the faculty providing in The University.

Graduate education

  • Coordinating graduate studies with the faculty providing graduate education.